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You have Prostate Cancer

This chapter provides a first-hand account of a man suffering from prostate cancer. It relates his story from when he was first diagnosed, his treatment and his recovery. It encourages men to find someone to look after you who has a genuine concern, is a good communicator and in whom you have absolute faith. It is quite likely that the process of facing mortality, reviewing your life and recovering will leave you a much more fulfilled person with a richer and happier life ahead, no matter how long that might be.

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  • 'You have prostate cancer'
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Gaham Crapp is a graduate of Sydney University, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Pharmacy Marketing, and a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. Until 30 June 1998, he was a practising consultant pharmacist and a partner at Wodonga Pharmacy. He is a part-time marketing lecturer at Wodonga Institute of TAFE. In March 1997 Graham was elected Mayor of the City of Wodonga, Victoria's fastest-growing city. Graham is married to an artist and potter and has three sons in their early 20s. He is a level 2 ski instructor (and passionate about skiing), a keen sailor and love...

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