Young People

Young people have a lot of things to be concerned about, but they lack a wealth of experiences with which to compare events and they have not yet fully developed their coping skills. Sometimes everything seems overwhelming. Every young person has a story waiting to be told. It has
been estimated that 12–22 per cent of children and adolescents have
emotional difficulties and that they can benefit from guidance
in making decisions, solving difficulties, and relating to others.
There is often a deep need to talk things over in a safe and secure environment with someone who cares. This can provide release for the intense emotions and confusion that a young person can be experiencing. This chapter discusses effective ways for counselling and interviewing children and adolescents.

Contents include

  • motivation
  • ambivalence
  • the change process
  • techniques for motivational interviewing
  • strategies for motivational interviewing.
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RN. MN and Cert IV (Workplace Assessment and Training).
Hugh is a nurse consultant and educator with a master of nursing qualification, majoring in community health. He has extensive hospital and community-based experience as a mental health clinician where his clients included those affected by various forms of dementia. Hugh is well known as an informed and engaging teacher and his topics include psycho-geriatric aspects of care. Also, he is the author of the publication Counselling and Interviewing for Carers: A Basic Guide.

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