Improving Patient Care Through Education and Technology

Hi, we're Ausmed.
A nursing and technology company based in North Melbourne, Australia.

We bring a talented group of nurses, educators and software engineers together to create amazing learning experiences for the nursing community. We are the creators of technologies such as the CPD Organiser and the Ausmed On-the-Go iPhone app. We aim to make education more relevant, documentation simpler and learning more enjoyable for all nurses and midwives.

Ausmed's Mission

Our Vision

To improve patient care through education and technology.

Our Mission

To provide nurses with technology that assists them to track their CPD while delivering engaging learning experiences that are interesting, practical, evidence-based and relevant.

Our Goals


To promote the value of education - in both the nursing community and amongst our team.


To make technology more user-friendly, accessible and enjoyable for all nurses.


Advocate for CPD on the basis of its educational merit, as opposed to an arbitrary 'points' based benefit.


To provide evidence-based, high-quality and engaging learning experiences for all nurses.


To foster a culture of innovation within nursing and the wider tech-community.


To provide an exciting, rewarding and ethical working environment.

Our Mindset

As nurses,

As nurses

We believe that there needs to be a change in the mindset around why a mandatory education requirement has been implemented. We believe that the 20 hours' minimum is exactly that - a minimum.

As educators,

As educators

We are concerned that there is currently no entity regulating the delivery of CPD nursing education in Australia. As a result, there is no guarantee to the learner that the education they are paying for/accessing is accurate, evidence-based or current. Ausmed Education Learning Centre was accredited with distinction as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

As technologists,

As technologists

We believe that the future of Australia's long-term prosperity and youth relies on the existence of a successful and sustainable tech scene. We practice and advocate the same cutting-edge development principles and methodologies found in elite Silicon Valley start-ups. Ultimately we want to see a similar hub of tech-excellence emerge here in Australia.

Home Grown

Everything we create is thought up, developed and designed right here in Melbourne. We have a multicultural team, including people from Australia, New Zealand, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Malaysia and East Timor. Vive la différence!