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A free, digital certificate for the Australian aged care workforce that enables sector-wide standardisation of eight core mandatory training areas.

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'We support novel and innovative solutions like this to lift standards, attract and retain qualified workers, and support better care.'

Merlin Kong, Former Director, Centre for Workforce Development and Innovation, LASA


Who should use Ausmed Passport™?

Everyone! We've made it 100% free so that all sector participants can benefit from it.

Aged Care Workers

Prove you have completed core mandatory training wherever you go.

Aged Care Providers

Align your organisation with a sector-wide initiative.

Staffing Agencies / Consultants

Align your training requirements with your clients.

L&D Coordinators

Align your mandatory training program with other providers.

Recruitment Managers

Showcase your organisation as an employer of choice.

Family Members

Understand the core rights and obligations of the sector.


What is Ausmed Passport™?

The Ausmed Passport™ is a digital certificate for people working in aged care. A staff member can carry it with them from one employer to the next to evidence that they have completed mandatory training relevant to and recognised by the sector.

It's 100% free to both individuals and employers.


Why is this needed?

Repeated mandatory training cost the Australian aged care sector an estimated $8.02 million in 2018. This avoidable cost is expected to increase to $31.81 million by 2030.

Ausmed believes innovations like Ausmed Passport™ can help the healthcare sector overcome some of these significant workforce challenges ahead.

Ausmed is uniquely positioned to enable this!

No other education provider has the scale of Ausmed.


The number of Australian healthcare workers already using Ausmed.


The number of Australian healthcare employers represented on Ausmed.

We plan to activate our own network to help ensure this initiative works.

We would love your support too!

Get started with Ausmed Passport™

Ausmed Passport™ is easy!

We’ve kept it simple so it works for everyone!



Complete the eight aged care training modules and earn your certificate



Share your certificate with your employer, in a CV and on LinkedIn



Providers can easily verify your certificate to recognise your training

How were training modules in the Ausmed Passport™ chosen?

A needs assessment was conducted by Ausmed researchers, in consultation with an advisory committee made up of representatives from leading aged care providers across the country, to select training items that were:

  1. Of specific relevance to the core training needs of aged care staff of all levels and
  2. Most frequently assigned to staff by the aged care providers surveyed.
Needs assessment data inputs include:
  • Training alignment with the Aged Care Quality Standards criteria
  • Internal quality indicators (Ausmed App user evaluations)
  • Feedback interviews with current workers in the aged care industry
  • Feedback interviews with current Ausmed users
  • Quantitative data collected from de-identified aged care provider training plans and crosswalk analysis comparing reports from similar organisations
  • Findings from analysis of common compliance issues and high-risk regulatory issues in the aged care sector.

Ausmed Passport™ training modules will be reviewed annually by an education advisory committee.

The training will be reviewed annually against the aforementioned needs assessment criteria. We welcome any and all feedback on the Ausmed Passport™ initiative. Please click here to contact us.

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