Partner With Ausmed

Let's work together to make it easier for health professionals to learn.

Ausmed partners with Government, not for profit organisations, professional associations, membership groups and reputable education providers to enable better learning in healthcare.

There are three ways to partner with Ausmed

All of which make learning easier for health professionals.

Content Partnerships

Publish your content on the Ausmed platform.

  • Free of charge
  • We drive traffic to your resources
  • Get a partner profile page on Ausmed
  • Ausmed links to your content and website
  • Install the 'Document CPD' button on your website/LMS

'Document CPD' Button

Help your learners document their CPD.

  • Free of charge
  • Install the 'Document CPD' button on your website/LMS
  • Enables your users to instantly claim CPD
  • Automatically posts certificates into their Ausmed portfolio
  • Closes the loop around learning

Member Connect

Drive membership and awareness.

  • Free of charge
  • Promote your organisation to the right professional group
  • Drive membership growth
  • Promote your annual conference
  • Install the 'Document CPD' button on your website/LMS

Why Integrate With Ausmed?

Integration is 100% free and gives you access to the 100,000s of health professionals that use Ausmed's services every month.

Most importantly, integrating with Ausmed helps health professionals:

  • Discover your content
  • Document the learning they do with you
  • Access further career and professional opportunities

Integrating with Ausmed is free of charge, simple, quick and effective. Reputable organisations are encouraged to apply.

Eligibility and Guidelines

Ausmed firmly believes that the provision of online healthcare information and education must be done in a safe and ethical manner.

As such, partners must meet at least one of the following criteria:

By adhering to the standards above, health professionals can be certain that your content is safe, ethical, and free of conflicts of interest and commercial bias.

A selection of our content partners

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet
Bloodsafe eLearning Australia
Dementia Australia: Centre for Dementia Learning
Department of Health
Heart Foundation

Integration Guide

How the 'Document CPD' button works

The Ausmed Button uses the same technology as many social network 'share buttons'.

When clicked, the button will open a small web browser or window and pre-fill the Ausmed Documentation Flow using meta information available on the external webpage.

To get the button for your website simply install the Ausmed Wordpress plugin or place a small piece of Javascript on your website to load the button. That's it!