Barmah Forest Virus Infection

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Barmah Forest virus (BFV) infection is one of the most common mosquito-borne infections in Australia (along with the Ross River virus infection).

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First isolated in the Barmah State Forest near the Murray Valley in 1974, the Barmah Forest virus has since been detected in most parts of mainland Australia, with Queensland being the main hotspot. On average, between 1,500 and 2,000 fresh cases are notified each year. Outbreaks are related to higher temperatures, high rainfall and flooding, and are more likely in La Nina years


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Phillip Petersen
Phillip Petersen, BSc, FASM, has operated a writing and editing business for over twenty years. This follows a career as a microbiologist in hospitals and a pathology laboratory for over thirty years, during which he was also involved with the development and implementation of microbiology courses at Queensland University of Technology. He also conducted research on the in vitro study of infection and has had articles published as well as reference books on the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases and on antibiotics. Phillip ranks his greatest achievement as materially assisting several higher degree students and researchers to reach their goals.
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Robyn Ferrato
28 Dec 2022
Enrolled Nurse
Recognising the mozzie that has black and white stripped.
Erika Oemcke
28 Nov 2020
Barmrah Forrest virus doesn't affect everyone but those it does develop joint pain , fever and other viral symptoms. Some can take a year to recover. It is spread by mosquito and has an incubation period of 7-10 days. Use mosquito detergent methods to avoid being bitten and contracting the virus. Common in Australia.
Lynn Hancock
28 Nov 2020
great article with easy to acess references.
Portrait of Grant Bradley
Grant Bradley
28 Nov 2020
Very informative.
Tim Quick
05 Jun 2021
Excellent material.
27 Nov 2023
Registered Nurse
Lynden Clark
29 Jul 2022
Concise and informative
Portrait of Abigail Nicholls
Abigail Nicholls
28 Nov 2020
Great article. Have not heard of this virus so was an interesting read.
Anita Agapow
28 Nov 2020
A quick and informative read with advice on prevention to pass on to patients and families when addressing preventative health in a clinic setting. Particularly pertinent whilst we embark on a La Ninya weather pattern.
Sharon Gatt
29 Nov 2020
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