Common Types of Eating Disorders

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Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses, influenced by a range of factors. An eating disorder is an illness marked by irregular eating habits, distress about eating, and an obsession about body weight. Eating disorders are very serious, have severe health complications and can even be fatal.

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Eating disorders create both considerable psychological impairments and stress, and wide-ranging serious medical complications, which have the ability to affect every major organ in the body.

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Jillian Houlahan
04 Nov 2021
Very good resource.
Lorelle Boutros
30 Sep 2019
Amused is a great way to document all your learning and have it available in a professional format. It has lots of resources to learn from. I highly recommend this resource to all nurses and professionals.
Sonya Saunders
14 Jul 2021
Excellent article.
Jennylyn Calacsan
19 Jul 2020
Great learning. It is very appropriate to eating disorder.
Erica Versteegh
03 Nov 2021
Interesting read. Gained new knowledge as well as updating old knowledge
Portrait of Indreni Pant
Indreni Pant
07 Apr 2021
Excellent information about different types of eating disorders.
Tamzen-darcy Sibson
14 Oct 2021
this resource was easy to understand and had links to assist me in further knowledge.
Portrait of Michelle Reid
Michelle Reid
08 May 2020
Clear and informative
Cheryl anderson
19 Jul 2021
Portrait of Brooke Davidson
Brooke Davidson
07 Apr 2022
Wished it was longer but it was a great start to exploring this area.
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