February Notes


Published: 09 February 2017

2017 is in full swing here at Ausmed. We’ve just rolled out our first update to the Ausmed CPD app, for 2017. This update includes some major new features. Here’s a quick overview of what it entails:

Learn in the App

We’re thrilled to announce that Ausmed’s popular articles can now be accessed directly from within the app and website. To get access to this new feature right now, simply upgrade to the latest version of the Ausmed CPD app (version 1.2.12).

february 2017 updates

The articles are the first part of our new ‘learning’ section. The learning area has been designed in the simplest and most user friendly way possible. We have developed a simple learning workflow that enables you to quickly browse through the latest education, find CPD that interests you, complete and then document it. All in all, Ausmed’s new learning section takes the first small steps in a whole new way to experience online education. Let me explain…

Online learning experiences are invariably designed for a bygone era. The early 2000s to be exact. A time where the way we discovered and engaged with information online was designed under the guise of creating ‘online catalogues’. Huge lists, categories, search bars, index pages, confusing folder hierarchies and more. Invariably the learner would need to spend a great deal of time merely finding the thing they wanted to learn, let alone actually completing the education. Even today, the very best learning platforms are still designed this way. This is despite the Internet changing a great deal since then… We now have available to us much better algorithms, much faster Internet and – most importantly – our primary device is a mobile phone, not a desktop computer.

Ausmed’s new learning interface simply does away with all these encumbrances.

  • To start with, we’ve replaced all of that confusing navigation and sorting with a simple feed. The CPD feed, as we like to call it, automatically updates with the latest and most relevant content each time you open the app.
  • Secondly, we’ve removed the whole clunky ‘online learning’ interface idea. Instead, we’re bringing the content to the fore. This means you see more of the picture and less of the frame.
  • We’ve integrated the documentation process directly into the learning experience itself, so you can simply reflect on the learning without having to type in all of the other details (much less typing).
  • Finally, we’ve optimised this whole experience around the mobile device. Last week over 90% of the people using the Ausmed.com platform were on mobile devices.

We have many more learning improvements in the pipeline, including Ausmed Pro and engaging video education you can stream directly from the CPD feed.

Faster Documentation

We’re also actively working on improving the CPD documentation workflow. We are focussing on removing form friction. Major areas of focus include entering in the CPD duration and the completion date of the activity for you. We will also remove the need to store ‘the provider’ of the education as this is now superfluous. Finally, we will be adding a new type of documentation for recording ‘Post Graduate’ study. These improvements will make it easier and faster to document your CPD, and will be rolled out in the next few weeks.

Easier Reflection

Later this month we will begin experimenting with ways to make it easier to reflect on your CPD. Reflection is an essential part of the CPD process. It is also a key requirement of the the NMBA CPD guidelines for compliance. Unfortunately though, many people struggle to write effective reflections. Typing is also something that creates friction in its own right. We are actively exploring ways to speed the process up and reduce the amount of typing required.