A Guide to Optimal Health in Aged Care

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As they age, older adults find themselves facing unique health challenges. Whether on their own or requiring in-home care services, by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, older adults can help prevent and control many of these issues while improving their quality of life.

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Health becomes a major focus as a person ages and certain deficiencies appear. Though older adults may be free of disease, the natural ageing process can still be quite challenging to overcome. Even so, a few simple things can be done to obtain and maintain optimal health.


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LeaAnn Fritsch
LeaAnn’s diverse background includes health education, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, and teaching at George Mason University. It was her 10 years of in-home personal care for a Prince William County resident that sealed her passion for the healthcare field. In November 2015, LeaAnn joined the team at Visiting Angels to coordinate marketing efforts to grow our family of caregivers and care recipients. LeaAnn values integrity and honour in relationship building and loves to laugh along the way.
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Portrait of Tara Amory
Tara Amory
22 May 2021
Good read
Erin Wells
28 Feb 2022
Very good read
Melinda Kelly-Hamilton
30 Aug 2021
Amy Williams
01 Aug 2021
Was a good skim of information.
Jacqueline Johnson
29 May 2021
Good topic
Portrait of christine Tearall
christine Tearall
28 Apr 2021
Simple for care staff
Jessica Rosato
24 May 2022
Other Profession
Restrictive diets often result in limited food choices leading to reduced quality of life, possible undernutrition and dehydration. Anecdotally, mealtimes can be the most important part of the day and are often a source of joy for RAC residents. Therefore, dietary restriction should be avoided where possible. “Diabetic diets” or restrictive diets for the management of diabetes should generally be avoided in RAC due to the higher risk of malnutrition.(1-5). Older people with diabetes should receive the same meals, desserts and snacks as other residents.(1) Residents with diabetes need to be offered the three main meals and three mid-meals daily, and should receive carbohydrates at every eating event.(1,3,4) Sugar can be included as part of their diet, and diabetic food or drinks offer no benefit to older people with diabetes.(1,4) If a resident requires or requests a restrictive diabetic diet, then the Dietitian should be involved to ensure that meals are nutritionally adequate and that the resident and/or relatives are educated on the best evidence for diabetes management in RAC. References: 1. National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS). Diabetes management in aged care: A practical handbook. Version 3 July 2020. Available from: 2. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). Chapter 19: Management of type 2 diabetes in older people and residential aged care facilities. East Melbourne, Vic: RACGP, 2020. Available from: 3. Volkert D, et al. ESPEN guideline on clinical nutrition and hydration in geriatrics. Clin Nutr. 2019;38(1):10-47. doi: 10.1016/j.clnu.2018.05.024 4. Diabetes UK (2010) Good clinical practice guidelines for care home residents with diabetes. Available from: 5. Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines Expert Committee (2018) Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Diabetes in Canada. Can J Diabetes. 2018;42(Suppl 1):S1-S325.
bernie harbrow
02 Jan 2023
Registered Nurse
very interesting
Andrea Emerson
01 Nov 2020
Very informative article.
Danica Marie
04 May 2020
Very informative!
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