Degenerative Diseases: Huntington’s

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Huntington’s disease is a degenerative neurological condition affecting the nerve cells in the brain. It’s a rare, genetic disease that impairs physical, cognitive and psychological functioning.

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Huntington’s disease is caused by a defective HTT gene on chromosome four. The HTT gene is responsible for coding the protein huntingtin. The function of this protein is unclear, but it appears to play a significant role in nerve cell development. Huntingtin is mostly found in the brain but exists in many tissues around the body.


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Debra Curran
03 Nov 2020
A very well presented overview and refresher of Huntington's
Bina Baniya
20 Mar 2021
Portrait of Jack Flint
Jack Flint
02 Nov 2020
Good information. Short and concise
Portrait of Shirlee Joy Tennant
Shirlee Tennant
18 Jan 2021
Very informative of the genetic process that diagnosis Huntington’s disease. Huntington’s is progressive and there is no cure so managing the symptoms as they occur. Often leads to Nursing Home care once they are immobile for their safety.
Rebecca Calloway
11 Nov 2020
I never knew there were three different areas of Huntingtons disease; emotional, physical and cognitive. This article was fantastic in outlining them. It was also good to look at the pathophysiology of the condition on a genetic level. It gave me a much better understanding of this condition.
Maureen Jenkinson
26 Jan 2021
interesting subject
Amber Chaseling
29 Oct 2022
I found this very informative about Huntington's disease. Well worth passing this information on to others
Portrait of Diana Whitehouse
Diana Whitehouse
18 Jan 2021
Good general knowledge article.
joana boamah
28 Jan 2021
Huntington’s disease is a degenerative neurological condition affecting the nerve cells in the brain. It’s cause by defective HTTgene on chromosome four. Symptoms include physical, congnitive and emotional. There is no cure. And management is medicine and physical therapy
Lorraine Summerell
04 Mar 2021
4.4 / 5
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