Your Invitation to Help Build Ausmed


Published: 06 May 2015

Have you ever had this experience? You arrive at a website for the first time; it’s a brand new site and it looks fantastic. It’s packed full of content, beautiful web-pages, and maybe even offers you a useful service or product—but something’s just not right. You have this strange sensation that the site is empty, void of real people… and lacks any signs of potentially having a community of regular users. So, you naturally start to wonder… do other people know about this website? Is it trustworthy? Does it even work?

This phenomenon is known as ‘social proof’ and it’s actually quite a common problem online. Ruslan Kogan often talks about how important social proof has been for Kogan; likening the homepage of most websites to walking past an empty restaurant.

In my experience, this problem often starts way before a site is ready to be presented to potential users; it begins when the very first lines of code are written. The good news is that there’s a pretty simple way to nullify the potential for this to happen—it’s done by bringing the end users on board right at the very beginning. Inviting them to participate in the design of the product from the word go. Basically saying, ‘how would you build this website’?

This is a healthy way for a technology team to exist; recognising that designers know design, developers know code and—in our case—nurses know nursing and midwives know midwifery. Of course, it goes without saying that Ausmed’s own nurses lead the development of all of Ausmed’s services. However, asking ourselves about our own decisions is hardly going to offer substantive feedback!

So in April, we began inviting nurses and midwives into Ausmed’s Melbourne offices to hear about their experiences with CPD. We would personally like to invite you to make your voice heard too. If you live around Melbourne and would like to help us build a CPD platform that truly suits you, please fill in the form below.

Our Progress

As this post also serves as our Inside Ausmed update for April, here’s a quick update on our progress.

  1. We have already had many people sign-up to use the new service. Click here to sign up for first access when we go live.
  2. We welcomed three new authors, including:
    • Dr Helen Okoye, an American healthcare expert with a background in infectious diseases;
    • Jess Brown, an Australian clinical nurse educator who is passionate about individualising care to the needs of the patient; and
    • Sally Moyle, a rehabilitation clinical nurse specialist and nurse educator teaching the diploma of nursing.
  3. We began working on the initial account features, sign-in, sign-up and CPD documentation process.
  4. We continued to publish regular nursing and healthcare articles, including What is CRPS?, What is Epigenetics? and a great article on communicating with a patient’s family and friends.

Stay tuned for more updates from inside Ausmed in months to come.

Take care,

Will and the team at Ausmed