Considering the Larger Patient in the Operating Theatre

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On the whole, our patients are getting larger across all surgical disciplines, and there are extra considerations we need to be aware of within the operating theatre department.

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Obesity is not only a growing epidemic in the general population, with 67% of Australian adults overweight or obese - it’s increasingly becoming an issue within perioperative practice.


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Zoe Hughes
Zoe is a copywriter and blogger from the UK. Once working as an Operating Department Practitioner in a busy Orthopaedic theatre suite specialising in regional anaesthetic techniques, she now writes for the health industry due to disability. Using the education and skills learned as a nurse, along with the experience of being disabled – Zoe is passionate about helping health professionals communicate better with their patients via social media, blogs and websites. In her spare time, Zoe is a governor at her local primary school, and is writing a play about invisible illness.
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Amy-Sue Pratt
19 Oct 2021
Very important considerations
Nasrine Andary
26 Aug 2020
It was a good topic to visit and be aware of.
Amela Zizak
07 Nov 2021
would recommend
Jane Nicolson
27 Aug 2020
Very important and appropriate resource in making us aware of the challenges we face when nursing the larger patient; not only with the patient in mind, but importantly also us, as first line healthcare providers.
Portrait of Georgina Gibson
Georgina Gibson
03 Oct 2023
Registered Nurse
The suggestions were areas that could be implemented with not to much ado
Cathy Nancarrow
11 May 2020
this resource is important when caring for bariatric patients and ensuring that they get the best care
Mary-Jane Moran
02 Sep 2020
This comprehensive article is relevant to our nursing practice
Susan Scott
25 Aug 2020
Excellent and informative in preparation for Bariatric care.
Portrait of Kate Mackie
Kate Mackie
15 May 2023
Registered Nurse
An excellent starting point; further in-depth discussion of specific issues faced by obese patients and the nurses caring for them in the operating theatre would also be valuable.
Natalie Hoolahan
24 Jul 2021
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