Conducting a Medication Review

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Medicines are associated with more errors and adverse events than any other healthcare intervention, resulting in increased costs and reduced quality of care. Medication reviews are integral in reducing the prevalence of adverse events and ensuring that medicines are being used safely and appropriately.

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Medication reviews can help ensure that medicines are always being used safely and appropriately while reducing the risk of medicine-related problems and ADRs. They are also a useful way of gauging patient experience and satisfaction so that the patient’s medicine regimen can be tailored to better suit their needs.


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Braden Kydd
03 Nov 2020
Straight-forward, clear, concise, and relevant. I work in cardiac rehab and will be recommending that more of the participants approach their GP to request a Home Medication Review. The follow-up reading and resources are also very valuable in this article.
Mulungulilwa SAIDI
24 Oct 2020
Medication review helps to identify risks associated with drugs reactions and improve quality of treatment as expected by patient.
Rebecca Anderson
16 Oct 2023
Essential information especially in the aging population with increasing co-morbidities and polypharmacy.
Jenny Davies
01 Aug 2021
Very good.
Shipei Zhu
26 Apr 2022
Registered Nurse
Good resource.
Jenny Ryan
25 Oct 2020
Very comprehensive, factual and well researched.
24 Nov 2020
This reading made me realise how vulnerable our aging population in the community. This is an exellent read for everyone.
susan isaac
25 Oct 2020
An overview of medication review was a short and informational resource which covered all the aspects of medication review and helped in revising the view about the topic which was once there in the syllabus and never viewed therafter. Such short overviews reminds of the basic methodology to do our daily tasks effectively.
Larisa Baranovski
16 Oct 2023
Registered Nurse
Essential information
Bina Baniya
16 Mar 2021
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