5 Movies Every Nurse Should Watch


Published: 02 November 2016

 Counting down from number five…

5 – Wit (2008)



One of the most powerful feature film portrayals of the important role that nurses play in providing care and support for patients at end of life.



4 – Patch Adams (1998)



A comedy drama starring Robin Williams which is based on the true story of a medical doctor who brought humour and compassion to the bedside, and encouraged his peers to work collaboratively with nurses.



3 – Paradise Road (1997)



This gripping film traces the story of a group of women, including an Australian Army nurse (played by Cate Blanchett), who are imprisoned during WWII.



2 – Mrs Reynolds Needs a Nurse (1963)



A short film/instructional video shown around the world that reflects the important role nurses have as patient advocates.



1 – Florence Nightingale (2008)



A 60-minute television drama that traces the untold story of Florence Nightingale – one of the most influential women of modern nursing.