Murray Valley Encephalitis

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The Murray Valley encephalitis virus was first isolated in an epidemic in 1951. Earlier epidemics in 1917 (114 cases), 1918 (67 cases) and 1925 (10 cases) were probably also due to the virus. In 1974, the only Australia-wide outbreak occurred, involving 58 cases of encephalitis and resulting in about 20% of cases dying. Since then, there have been very few cases.

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People contract the Murray Valley encephalitis virus by being bitten by an infected mosquito. The common banded mosquito, Culex annulirostris, is the usual culprit. You can find this mosquito (or it can find you) throughout Australia. It breeds in freshwater in spring, summer and autumn. It likes surface pools, rivers, natural wetlands and irrigation waters, but also enjoys backyards. It is especially common in the Murray-Darling river basin in summer.


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