Nursing Paediatric Patients: Effective Procedural Communication

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Compared to adults, children have fewer coping mechanisms. When experiencing pain or illness, their distress levels often escalate, causing a flow-on effect to not only parents and caregivers but healthcare providers alike. However, by applying the use of age-appropriate language, as well as various distraction techniques, nurses and healthcare providers can successfully assist their paediatric patients through such procedures, resulting in the best patient outcomes.

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Ask any nurse, and they will no doubt already know that when children and young people present to healthcare environments, they are faced with a range of emotions from fear to anxiety, all of which are potentially exacerbated by unfamiliar surroundings, people and equipment.


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Natalie Burke
Critical Care Registered Nurse
Natalie is a Critical Care Registered Nurse who started off her nursing career in a rural setting before migrating back to Melbourne where she now works in a busy Emergency Department. Natalie comes from a science background, holding a Bachelor of Science (BSc) with majors in anatomy and physiology, before deciding to change career paths into nursing. She undertook a Master of Nursing Practice (MNP) and has never looked back, going on to complete her Graduate Certificate in Emergency Nursing and developing a keen interest for trauma assessment and management.
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Aliesha Tyrrell
16 Oct 2023
Student Nurse or Midwife
Sheryl Legayada
29 May 2020
Very helpful and informative content.
Natalie Baly
22 Jan 2021
These short reading articles are great to improve patient care.
Lorraine Trembath
05 May 2021
very clear and interesting information.
Rachel Else
31 May 2020
good information to allow better relationship between the nurse and their younger patients
Takeeta Johnston
11 Dec 2022
Great knowledge was gained as I am about to begin my nursing career in paediatrics.
Jennifer Edwards
12 May 2021
Lu Huang
28 Oct 2020
very practical and useful resource
Portrait of Tiffany Colombi
Tiffany Colombi
02 Feb 2022
Portrait of Helen PARK
Helen PARK
07 May 2021
Useful information for nurses caring for children of all ages.
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