Assessing Learner Performance: 5 Principles of Assessment

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Assessing a learner's clinical performances is a complex process that is vital to nursing.

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Assessing a learner's clinical performances is a complex process that is vital to nursing.


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Lynda Hughes
PhD Candidate
Lynda Hughes is a final year PhD candidate at the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Griffith University in Brisbane. She has completed a master of education and master of nursing, specialising in advanced clinical education. Lynda is a highly experienced nurse educator who has worked in both industry and academia. Lynda has extensive experience in assessing nursing performance both at an undergraduate and graduate level. Her research passion centres around assessment of fitness for practice in undergraduate programs.
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18 Aug 2020
This a good article to reinforce the basic principles of student assessment utilising a competency tool.
Portrait of Heather Blackhall
Heather Blackhall
12 Jul 2022
Registered Nurse
A great article to provide support to Clinical Teachers and RN buddies to students.
Portrait of Heather Blackhall
Heather Blackhall
20 Oct 2020
A good resource for Clinical Facilitators or Preceptors who are hoping to clarify the challenges of navigating the ANSAT reports at the end of a placement or practicum.
Marguerite white
25 Aug 2020
I liked that the piece was short and succinct however some interesting examples could add colour to a dry topic.
Portrait of Vanessa Symes
Vanessa Symes
14 Feb 2021
Interesting information
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