Common Rashes: An Overview

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Rashes can be difficult to identify, and as a healthcare professional, being able to recognise potentially dangerous rashes is critical. So, how can common rashes be differentiated, and when is there a cause for serious concern?

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Skin conditions, including rashes, are one of the most common presentations in general practice, accounting for 15.9 out of every 100 patient encounters in Australia. Most rashes are temporary and aren't a cause for concern and due to how common they are, may simply be brushed off as ‘nothing serious’. However, rashes have a diverse range of potential causes and presentations, and in some cases require immediate medical attention


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06 Apr 2022
Very thorough reading.
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10 Apr 2022
Informative and great pictures
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13 Apr 2022
Good reference
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17 May 2022
Clear to understand.
Michelle Painter
01 Apr 2022
Very helpful to identify rashes
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28 Mar 2022
Informative and easy to understand , great for personal education as well
Portrait of Charles Albert Corfield
Charles Corfield
22 May 2022
The use of pictures directly related to the content, was a great idea.
Karamveer Gill
19 Apr 2022
Shila Pasachhe
19 May 2022
Very informative
Susan Skehan
01 Apr 2022
Excellent overview
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