Recommendations v Residents' Decision - a Storm in a Tea Cup?

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I wrote in an article 'There’s no Place Like Home: Home-Like Environments in Aged Care Facilities' about dilemmas nurses face when supporting residents to personal free choice and decision making when the action they wish to take is contrary to a nurse's clinical assessment and recommendations.

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I recently wrote in an article about the dilemmas nurses face when supporting residents' free choice and decision-making when the action they wish to take is contrary to a non-nurse health professional's clinical assessment and recommendations. The main thrust of the article is about being commonsensical in such decisions so that the resident can experience joy in their final years, even if that joy comes with an element of risk. Over the last few months, I have witnessed three residents being referred to a speech pathologist (SP) for coughing during and/or following drinking or eating. On each occasion, the SP recommended thickened fluids (and a softer diet), which was refused on the first serving or within the first 48 hours.


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Christine Suter
Christine (RN, BN, MPHC) is an RN with 40 years experience, traversing the profession as an AIN, EN, RN, RM N.ED. to DON. She is currently in transition-to-retirement and working as a casual RN on the floor in a small rural hospital with an aged care facility attached. Her interests are aged care and particularly nurses; their working relationships, team dynamics and how nurse leaders and managers deal with the day to day complexities of leading and managing.
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Amandeep KAUR
22 Jul 2021
To hence my knowledge
16 Jul 2021
Relevant to aged care.
05 Jul 2021
This resource highlighted clearer communication between all parties: Resident, family members and staff, in accordance with civil law, ethics and Charter of Resident's Rights to bring about a happy outcome for the Resident.
Anh Nguyen
10 Dec 2020
increase knowledge to get confident to give better care
26 Jul 2021
People need to respect what the elderly want and need. This is there last place and we need to show them dignity and respect.
20 Jul 2021
Good source of information
Barsha Gurung
16 Aug 2021
Portrait of Maryanne O'Neill
Maryanne O'Neill
19 Aug 2019
A Nursing perspective and practical learning read regarding establishing a balance between older person wishes for normality of food and drink with the account to the duty of care and obligations required by the Registered Nurse. A few ideas for the implementation of maintaining Resident safety within the issue of dysphagia outlining the importance of a health team approach for best outcomes.
Rosellie RAMIREZ
26 Jul 2021
We deal with this kind of decision making almost everyday,nice to know we're doing the right thing.
Elle Stanford
01 Nov 2020
Very informative and easy to understand
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