Redefining Consumer Choice in Aged Care: Exploring the Need for an Alternative Approach

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The current Aged Care Quality Standards, introduced in 2019, emphasise the importance of individuals ‘living the life they choose’. How do we ensure a choice is given and that clients are not subjected to a predetermined routine that primarily benefits the operators rather than aligning with the client's preferences?

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The provision of choice to individuals receiving care and services often depends on the presence, time and willingness of the caregiver. While some choices are readily accommodated, there are instances where the caregiver may deny opportunities for choice based on personal factors, such as convenience or a lack of resources, for example.


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Mark Sheldon-Stemm
Mark Sheldon-Stemm consults on research analytics, specialising in aged care. He has developed the only full consumer-directed care model for use in residential care and has a number of sites around Australia using this model. He has also developed templates for consumerddirected care (in both home care residential care) so aged care providers can meet the Aged Care Quality Standards from July 2019. Mark currently works with over 75 clients across Australia ranging from large, medium to small-sized organisations. His consultancy work includes working with care organisations to provide primary health care, public health, aged care and disabilities services in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote regions of Australia. Each of these organisations requires specialised advice that matches their circumstances and operations.
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