Team-Building in Healthcare - Why it's Vital

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Teamwork is essential to healthcare, but bringing multidisciplinary groups together can be a challenging task. Team-building is best understood as an on-going project.

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Teamwork is essential to healthcare, but bringing multidisciplinary groups together can be a challenging task.

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Madeline Gilkes
Madeline Gilkes, CDE, RN, is a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. She focused her Master of Healthcare Leadership research project on health coaching for long-term weight loss in obese adults. Madeline has found a passion for preventative nursing. She has transitioned from leadership roles (CNS Gerontology & Education, Clinical Facilitator) in the acute/hospital setting to education management and primary healthcare. Madeline’s vision is to implement lifestyle medicine to prevent and treat chronic conditions. Her research proposal for her PhD involves Lifestyle Medicine for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Madeline is a Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE) and primarily works in the academic role of Head of Nursing. Madeline’s philosophy focuses on using humanistic management, adult learning theories/evidence and self-efficacy theories and interventions to promote positive learning environments. In addition to her Master of Healthcare Leadership, Madeline has a Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education & Management, Graduate Certificate in Adult & Vocational Education, Graduate Certificate of Aged Care Nursing, and a Bachelor of Nursing. She is working towards her PhD.
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Christy Rodriguez
20 Jan 2021
It was very informative.
Kathryn Mansfield
13 Jul 2019
good but brief
26 May 2021
DHHS Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Competence Course is a very interesting course, quite taxing emotionally because of the awful history to them in the past to be treated a non humans. I am filled with awe for how some Aboriginal fought for their rights and suffered for it but eventually was/were acknowledged for the effort. First Nation people are all over Australia. There are many groups of them with different languages and cultural differences. it is important to make a point to learn the different group to avoid offence. This is a course worth for everyone to do it and to gain knowledge of the cultural differences.
Lisa Wilson
12 Jul 2019
I really enjoyed reading this article.
Cheryl Nayler
07 Jun 2021
Very informative
Rashpal boparoy
13 Jul 2019
4.4 / 5
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