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The Liver Explained


Published: 16 June 2019

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Ausmed Explains... The Liver Explained

The liver sits in the right-upper-quadrant of the abdominal cavity, resting just below the diaphragm, to the right of the stomach overlying the gallbladder. The Couinaud Classification divides the liver into 8 segments: segments 1 to 4 in the left lobe, and 5 to 8 in the right lobe. Unlike other organs, which receive their blood supply from arteries, approximately 70% of the liver's blood supply comes from the venous system. The main venous supply comes from the portal vein, which supplies nutrient-rich (but oxygen-poor blood), drained from the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and spleen. The main arterial blood supply comes from a branch of the aorta, known as the hepatic artery, which delivers oxygen-rich blood. Blood from the liver drains into the hepatic vein, which empties into the inferior vena cava. There's also a complex system of bile ducts, known as the biliary tree, which drain bile into the common bile duct and gallbladder.

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Kristy Kristy
25 Jul 2019


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Alison McKeough
24 Jun 2019

This was quite a rushed presentation but perfect for a quick refresher.

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Rory Tanner
23 Jun 2019

Great short resource!