Avoiding Burnout in Healthcare

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The word 'burnout' can mean many things. Stress, fatigue, irritation with yourself or others, hunger, a loss of inspiration or a combination of these can all be symptoms of burnout. Burnout often occurs in those who have high-stress jobs or tend to view their career as a priority, though anybody can experience it. Healthcare workers fall into this high-stress category, and burnout is an all-too-common term in our field.

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Understanding burnout can be key to preventing it. Burnout can best be defined as an emotionally, physically, and/or mentally exhausted and drained state of mind. This is caused by overextending oneself or an overload of stress.


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Rachel Stires
Rachel Stires is a media relations specialist for the Management Training Institute. She enjoys talking about trends in management and how industry leaders can make the most of the opportunities available to them.
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Portrait of Karla Smith
Karla Smith
11 May 2020
Good suggestions, but vague
Asmita Dangol
17 May 2021
much needed and helpful resource.
Portrait of Alexandra Rushan
Alexandra Rushan
03 May 2020
This resource is highly informative, easy to read, and full of key takeaways. Really fantastic for taking proactive measures both on behalf of your own mental health as an individual, but also for your colleagues and how to look out for signs/symptoms from those around you.
Binu Mainali
01 May 2020
Good sources
Dale Smith
29 May 2020
Good resource for people suffering from stress!
Judith Williams
17 May 2021
I throughly enjoyed this article as it gave my insight into how I am currently feeling. It also allowed my to form strategies to deal with my current situation.
Lidiia Alitkina
17 May 2021
Reminds me to be careful of how much work I take and take a better care of myself.
Portrait of Gayle Meeking
Gayle Meeking
17 May 2021
Easy to understand and informative.
Lorraine Hince
20 May 2021
A timely reminder that burnout is real.
Kevin mills
20 Jul 2020
It reinforced looking after myself and others
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