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Cathie Hart


Cathie Hart has worked in the Tissue Typing / HLA field at the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood for 27 years. During this time she performed all areas of testing, but focussed on the serological sections of the laboratory and helped to develop and manage the area of stem cell compatibility, searching for patients requiring a stem cell transplant and HLA compatible platelet searching. Cathie has also helped develop a national training program and various training materials for the Lifeblood HLA, platelet and neutrophil testing and searching areas. Her role as deputy manager of the Victorian Transplantation and Immunogenetics Service (VTIS) is to manage different areas of the laboratory as well as ensure all accreditation bodies and quality requirements are met. Cathie thoroughly enjoys the work in the ever-changing and evolving laboratory, which has significant clinical involvement for the different patient needs that are supported.


Image for How to Save a Life: Bone Marrow Matching
How to Save a Life: Bone Marrow Matching