Free Hand Hygiene Module

To ensure all health professionals are best prepared to contain the spread of coronavirus, we at Ausmed have made our Hand Hygiene Module free. We invite you to undertake this 40 minute module.


Cranial nerves 1-12 control the following: 1. Smell 2. Visual acuity, visual fields and ocular fundi. 2. and 3. - Pupillary reactions. 3. 4. and 6. - Extra ocular movements, including opening of the eyes. 5. Facial sensation, movements of the jaw, and corneal reflexes. 7. Facial movements and gustation. 8. Hearing and balance. 9. and 10. - Swallowing, evaluation of the palate, gag reflex and gustation. 5. 7. and 12. - Voice and speech. 11. Shrugging the shoulders and turning the head. 12. Movement and protrusion of the tongue.