Advancing Relationship-Based Care: The Role of the Nurse Educator

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Lecture Overview

In many of our fast‐paced workplaces, it is almost impossible to allocate the time necessary for the development of healing relationships between caregiver and patient. In this lecture, Donna Wright gives an overview of relationship‐based care and delves into relational competence.


Portrait of Donna Wright
Donna Wright

Ms. Wright is a professional development specialist with Creative Healthcare Management in Minneapolis, MN. Donna has worked with many health care organizations to help them create meaningful, effective programs that support staff development and competency assessment for all departments. She is the author of the book, The Ultimate Guide to Competency Assessment in Healthcare – which has been translated into Japanese, and is being used throughout Japan. Her most recent publication is The Competency Assessment Field Guide. She is also one of the co-authors of the national award winning book, Relationship-based care: A model for transforming practice. Donna received her Masters Degree in nursing education from the University of Minnesota. She has worked in both staff and leadership roles. Her experiences have taken her to a variety of health care settings including rural Africa. Donna is a member and past president of the Association for Nursing Professional Development and is a recipient of their “Promoting Excellence in Consultation” award. Donna is known for her energy and refreshing approach to education and learning. See Educator Profile

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First Published11 February 2020
Updated11 February 2020
11 December 2022
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