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Lecture Overview

Early detection of patient deterioration relies on the appropriate assessment and action by healthcare professionals. Sue de Muelenaere refreshes our knowledge of neurological assessment and aspects involved in this crucial assessment.


Portrait of Sue de Muelenaere
Sue de Muelenaere

Sue de Muelenaere is a registered nurse with more than 20 years’ experience as a nurse educator. Sue completed a five-year bachelor of nursing degree in South Africa, which included training in psychiatric and community nursing and midwifery. Since then, Sue has worked extensively in the intensive care environment, during which she has presented various courses, including an honour’s degree, a diploma in intensive care, and various short cardiac and ECG courses. Sue also holds an honour’s degree in advanced nursing science (intensive care nursing) and diplomas in nursing education and nursing administration. She was the education manager in a specialised heart hospital where she was responsible for the education of all hospital staff, including non-nursing staff members. Sue is passionate about teaching. She maintains a special interest in all aspects of nursing the critically-ill patient. See Educator Profile


56 Total Rating(s)
Portrait of Lea Sloss
Lea Sloss
27 Feb 2020

the audio kjept fading in and out but still able to take information on board

Generic portrait
Donna Marguerite Murnane
24 Feb 2020

Vital information though the audio kept dropping out.

Generic portrait
24 Feb 2020

Very clear.

Generic portrait
Caroline Mannix
20 Feb 2020

Neurological assessment Becoming aware signs of deteriorating patient

Generic portrait
Jennifer Robertson
17 Jan 2020

Very good presentation that outlined how to assess your patient and the signs and symptoms of their deterioration. It included assessment methods that we usually use to do this assessment, but expanded on these tools, and gave us more to consider when doing this assessment. The audio and visual was very poor at times, and I missed lots of words due to the poor quality. She frequently demonstrated things out of screen, so it was again dificult to see what she was explaining.

Generic portrait
Donna Lee Apelu
09 Jan 2020

Good session for refreshing my knowledge of neurological assessments.

Generic portrait
bronwyn ann beecroft
21 Dec 2019

Staged and presented in an orderly logical easy to follow fashion.

Generic portrait
Dallas Campbell
07 Dec 2019

Very good, educational and informative.

Generic portrait
Kathy Pettet
05 Dec 2019

Excellent presentation, and learning experience.

Generic portrait
Caroline Jenkins
19 Nov 2019

excellent lecture easy to understand and apply this knowledge in the work place.