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Lecture Overview

Wound expert, Geoff Sussman, gives an in-depth look at modern wound management, including topics such as the burden of chronic wounds on society, what factors influence wound management, why best-practice resources guide planning and how to utilise them in practice.


Portrait of Geoff Sussman
Geoff Sussman

Geoff Sussman holds a position in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science at Monash University and he has been a faculty member of the summer school on wounds at St Anne’s College, Oxford University. He has been involved in wound management for over 30 years in clinical research, clinical practice and teaching, and is the founder of the Wound Foundation of Australia. He was the inaugural Secretary of the World Union of Wound Healing Societies 2000-2004 and the Chairman of the Education Commission of the World Union from 2004 to 2008. He is associate editor of the International Wound Journal, a member of the editorial board of Wound Practice and Research Journal, and is a member of the advisory committee for Post Graduate Wound Care education, including Masters of Wound Care at Monash University. He was awarded an OAM in the Queen's Birthday Honours in 2006 for his work in wound care as a researcher, educator and clinician and in the sports of gymnastics and diving. He was recognised at the 2008 World Wound Healing Congress in Toronto with a lifetime achievement award for his work in wound management. See Educator Profile


40 Total Rating(s)
Portrait of Karen Saunders
Karen Saunders
14 Nov 2019

Professor Sussman is an engaging speaker with a vast knowledge of his subject. His information was well delivered and encourages the use of common sense.

Generic portrait
Nicole Louise Williams
11 Nov 2019

This lecturer is knowledgeable and interesting. It is a shame that the lecture was so heavily edited and that there was no view of the slides he regularly referred to. I appreciate his generous sharing of the websites for ongoing education of wound care at the end of the presentation.

Generic portrait
Harrison Land
10 Nov 2019

Very informative

Generic portrait
Chris Wilson
09 Nov 2019

Enthusiastic and very knowledgeable and experienced practitioner Great presentation highlighting the need for evidence-based practice and simplifying wound assessment, using a holistic model, and management

Generic portrait
Teresa Dempsey
08 Nov 2019

This was very educational and informative. I was surprised and grateful for the new information learned.

Generic portrait
Gladys Chelangat
07 Nov 2019

Great wound care information

Generic portrait
Michele antonino
06 Nov 2019

Great info in wound management.

Generic portrait
Jim Bua
05 Nov 2019

Good info, would have been nice to be able to see the screen/board as he ofter refers to it.

Generic portrait
Julia Elder
02 Nov 2019

This resource is very informative and enlightening.

Generic portrait
Nicole Nicole
01 Nov 2019

The Professor was very highly qualified in the area of chronic wound care. He discussed treating the whole patient not just the wound, he discussed discovering the underlying cause of the wound, there are different types of wounds arterial or venus wounds, 4000,000 persons in Australia with chronic wounds and that's just patients in facilities. The use of warm water not cold when cleaning wounds has such an impact as the cold water leads to vasoconstriction. Professor discussed there is a lot of evidence that an increase in protein in the diet is beneficial, also the use of Vitamin C to boost collagen production

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Total Rating(s)  40
Published17 October 2019
Expires08 September 2020
Wound Management
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