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Cover image for lecture: Deteriorating Patients and the Environment of Care

Lecture Overview

There are many reasons for suboptimal work conditions that can lead to missed nursing care. When this involves patient deterioration, the consequences can be dire. This session looks at real case studies to consider the contribution the broader environment of care can have in creating an incubator for missed care.


Portrait of Alexandra Gillian
Alexandra Gillian

Alexandra Gillian has been a registered nurse for 29 years and an emergency ambulance paramedic for 13 years, with intensive care qualifications in both fields. She has also obtained a certificate IV in training and assessment. As director of, and principal trainer for, Confident First Aid Management Pty Ltd, her extensive experience in acute care settings has laid a solid foundation for her delivery of accredited first aid and mental health first aid training, conducted nationwide. In addition, she draws on her extensive general and specialised clinical experience when providing workshops and seminars. Alexandra is an engaging presenter with a passion for empowering colleagues to deliver the safest, most appropriate, patient-focused care. See Educator Profile


56 Total Rating(s)
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Kuan-Lun Su
03 Feb 2020

Short video but have good information and good examples.

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Michelle (Michele) Pinci
08 Aug 2019

Brief but effective presentation. Really liked the case scenarios presented and the discussion on possible nursing impacts on our judgement or lack of.

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Louise D'Cruze
29 May 2019

Excellent presentation, case studies where a good learning tool. Engaging presenter.

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Jamie Koopman
21 May 2019

Very valuable resource. Informative and on point

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Leona Bowers
21 May 2019

This resource touched on many key elements in day to day clinical assessment and allows nurses to reflect on their own practice. It questions the fact that time constraints ,staffing and fatigue can sometimes make us less effective in our clinical assessment. Clearly we need to maintain patient centred care -listen and look at our patients in conjunction with clinical findings and escalate all abnormal events that are flagged on our clinical charts. Communicate and escalate concerns. Discuss concerns with senior clinicians/medical staff.

Portrait of Helana McPherson
Helana McPherson
17 May 2019

Informative and interesting module.

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Rani Sivaprasad
14 May 2019

Excellent video enriched with valuable information

Portrait of Elizabeth Pickmere
Elizabeth Pickmere
07 May 2019

Excellent speaker

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Margaret Smith
04 May 2019

Short video but packed with very relevant issues of interest.

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Natasha Ore
28 Apr 2019

Very informative, eye opener and a wake up call.