Eating Disorders in Acute Care

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Lecture Overview

Nurses in the inpatient setting providing nursing care to a person with an eating disorder can often mean constant observation and meal support, which can be a distressing experience for both the patient and the nurse. This session with Johann Dalton will offer you an in-depth understanding of the causes, consequences, and management of eating disorders to empower healthcare professionals to gain a more holistic understanding of what the person with an eating disorder may be going through.


Portrait of Johanna Dalton
Johanna Dalton

Johanna Dalton has over 15 years nursing experience in mental health, in both inpatient and community settings. Currently the coordinator of education and training for the Queensland Eating Disorder Service, Johanna is experienced, engaging and confident working with a variety of professional and community bodies to deliver education on awareness, prevention and treatment of eating disorders. She has published a number of articles, posters and presentations and is a credentialed mental health nurse. She is passionate about improving healthcare experiences and outcomes for clients and families who are affected by eating disorders. See Educator Profile