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Cover image for lecture: Emotional Intelligence

Lecture Overview

Don’t let your emotional brain control your actions and reactions in the workplace. Understand how to develop emotional intelligence and a positive sense of self, and how this can positively affect yours and your team’s performance at work.


Portrait of Ilze Jaunberzins
Ilze Jaunberzins

Ilze is the principal of PowerMind Life and Leadership Coaching, a science-based coaching practice. She is also a highly experienced nurse, manager, and educator. Ilze is dynamic and passionate about leaders being effective – not busy, but effective and confident. Be prepared for a lively two days of inspiration and learning. See Educator Profile


19 Total Rating(s)
Generic portrait
Lisa McCarthy
22 Mar 2020

Enjoyed Isla’s presentation having attended a seminar in the past.

Generic portrait
Michelle Dorrell
25 Aug 2019

Interesting.....I am definitely more aware of perhaps the underlying causes of my behaviours and actions and perhaps why others behave/react the way they do.

Generic portrait
Margaret Smith
31 May 2019

Interesting and useful.

Generic portrait
Rumbidzai Rampete
12 May 2019


Generic portrait
Andrew Sambell
04 May 2019

This resource was of good quality. It was concise, yet did not rush any key points. I finished this resource feeling refreshed and empowered to continue with the learning I had undertaken.

Generic portrait
Anne Baartz
04 May 2019

Beneficial insight into the development of a child sense of self. Revision of the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems. Review of the possibility of accessing the frontal lobe rather than the HPA axis when reacting to things that illicit the sympathetic system . Neuron plasticity gives the hope and mindfulness develops the skills to overcome the moment and act in the wisest way.

Generic portrait
Megan Loveday
31 May 2018

great presentation

Generic portrait
Teresa Perry
11 Mar 2018

Really useful presentation

Generic portrait
Teresa Perry
11 Mar 2018

Really good presentation for self-reflection and change

Generic portrait
Samantha Rimmer Hannan
13 Oct 2017

She helps your reflect and how to improve yourself and others in a clinical environment