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Lecture Overview

It seems that more and more patients being admitted these days have a medical history of diabetes - so what happens when these individuals need to have surgery? And what happens when the majority of patients on a theatre list have diabetes? These are some of the important considerations that health professionals must have at front of mind when managing people with diabetes that may have to fast for long periods. What would you do?


Portrait of Evelyn Boyce
Evelyn Boyce

Evelyn Boyce is a Credentialed Diabetes Educator, RN Div 1. She has been working in Diabetes Education for the last 7 years. She currently works as a CDE in Community Health at NRCH, and in private practice with various GP clinics. She is passionate about health promotion and diabetes education. Evelyn has been involved in Nursing education for over 15 years, previously part of the academic staff, lecturing at Latrobe University, ACU and hase also taught into the post graduate Diabetes education Course at Mayfield, and the Div 2 course. See Educator Profile


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Taryn Pimm
12 May 2019

Informative especially being a surgical nurse, I just think the educator needed to be more engaging to better communicate.

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Richard Love
09 May 2019

Very informative session,interesting & well delivered which was directly relevant to my needs.

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Sue Unger
02 May 2019

This was an informative and interesting session

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Cassandra Lynch
19 Apr 2019

Great knowledge to gain/reinforce about diabetic medication and fasting

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Sean Beecher
08 Apr 2019

An engaging overview of the possible complications Fasting poses to Diabetic Patients, those both fasting Selectively or Clinically.

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Sharon Kermeci
24 Mar 2019


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Sandra Addison
17 Feb 2019

Clear and informative.

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Rowena Gibbs
08 Feb 2019

Short and sweet and to the point about fasting and diabetes

Portrait of Maygen Comandari
Maygen Comandari
05 Feb 2019

It was ok. It focused more on religious fasting as opposed to fasting for surgical procedures. Still lots of good information though.

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Claire Parry
13 Jan 2019

Interesting stuff.

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Total Rating(s)  26
Published16 July 2017
Expires 15 May 2019
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