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Cover image for lecture: How to Manage Persistent Unstable Behaviours

Lecture Overview

How does a health professional plan for the unexpected? This lecture provides learners with an exploration of the care that should be provided to those who have unpredictable and unstable behaviours. People who persistently manifest with unpredictable and unstable behaviours require effective care that is tailored to suit their specific requirements and as always, focus on best patient outcomes.


Portrait of Geoffrey Ahern
Geoffrey Ahern

Geoffrey Ahern is a senior mental health clinician and educator who splits his time between working with people in a mental health crisis in the ED setting and working proactively to educate other health professionals and the community about how to better understand mental health problems, as well as substance use and addiction. Over the years, he has gained extensive experience in emergency and trauma, rural nursing, alcohol and other drug counselling, and psychiatric nursing across both the public and private sectors. He holds a masters of health science (mental health and addiction). Geoff is particularly fascinated by the impact that exercise, nutrition, community, meaning and purpose, and practices like yoga have on a person’s mental health, as well as living a simple life of reflection, contentment and wonderment. See Educator Profile


20 Total Rating(s)
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bronwyn ann beecroft
18 Dec 2019

Sequenced well for easy comprehension.

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Rani Sivaprasad
08 Dec 2019

Excellent presentation.

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Matthew Thompson
27 Nov 2019

Good lecture

Generic portrait
Glen Martin
14 Nov 2019

Excellent talk i found these patients to be the most difficulty to predict within the community as a paramedic and this presentation has given me a greater understanding of the condition and guide my further practice for better patient outcomes.

Generic portrait
Harrison Land
10 Nov 2019

Very competent clinician and lecturer

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Catherine Papadopoulos
07 Nov 2019

Great lecture that describes BPD and shows that it an be managed effectively and people living with it can go into remission.

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Michele antonino
06 Nov 2019

Great info about how to manage unstable behaviours.

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Harry Risson
17 Oct 2019

Excellent presentation which highlighted gaps in my knowledge and unintentional biases that I can now address.

Generic portrait
Dean James Irwin
15 Oct 2019

Additional supportive and informative tools when dealing with these type of patients.

Generic portrait
Tamara Washbrook
14 Oct 2019

Easy to understand, thankyou