Immunisation - A Clinical and Professional Skills Update

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Lecture Overview

Listening, and acceptance of patient concerns, are the two most important things when it comes to vaccines. Join Dr Jenny Royle for this heartwarming and informative discussion on how she has overcome common concerns and resistance to immunisations.


Portrait of Jenny Royle
Jenny Royle

Dr Jenny Royle is an Immunisation Paediatrician with 20 years of experience providing clinical immunisation advice for patients, families, hospital staff, Community Immunisation Providers and the Victorian Department of Health. She is a national Immunisation Educator and advocates for an increase in education about vaccines, vaccine preventable diseases and engagement with vaccine hesitant families using non-judgmental risk communication techniques. Jenny is a Senior Visiting Fellow with the University of New South Wales. Her strengths-based research focuses on the identification of culturally sensitive approaches to maintain and improve immunisation coverage and timeliness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families. Jenny works clinically as a Community Immunisation Paediatrician at ‘NEST’ a family clinic in Elsternwick, Melbourne. She is referred patients with a range of complex immunisation issues including families with significant concerns about immunisation adverse events.
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First Published09 May 2018
Updated09 May 2018
21 March 2021
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