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Cover image for lecture: Managing Acute Delirium and Postoperative Confusion

Lecture Overview

Preventing hospital-acquired delirium can reduce the length of stay in the hospital for a patient and providing appropriate treatment may assist in reducing the risk of adverse events such as falls, and improve their overall hospital experience. In this lecture, Sally Moyle discusses prevention and treatment strategies for managing patients with delirium and confusion.


Portrait of Sally Moyle
Sally Moyle

Sally Moyle is a rehabilitation nurse educator who has completed her masters of nursing (clinical nursing and teaching). She is passionate about education in nursing so that we can become the best nurses possible. Sally has experience in many nursing sectors including rehabilitation, medical, orthopaedic, neurosurgical, day surgery, emergency, aged care, and general surgery. See Educator Profile


41 Total Rating(s)
Generic portrait
susan Hunter
04 Apr 2020

A very helpful resource about delirium in the hospital setting.

Generic portrait
Mulungulilwa Wenceslas SAIDI
03 Apr 2020

I understand when a patient can have delirium,what to do to provide quality of care to prevent falls by taking into consideration of many aspects such as pain, nutritional intake, sugar level... How to assess: obstacles, CT scan, urine analysis, blood taken, quiet environment, some of invasive procedure: IDC, cannulation can create infraction resulting confusion of patient. Knowledge of indication, side effect of Haloperadol, olanzepine, respiradone, hygiene

Portrait of Lynne Arthur
Lynne Arthur
03 Apr 2020

Good lecture informative

Generic portrait
Sarah Thomas
17 Mar 2020

This resource was very useful, relevant and interesting. It was slightly repetitive.

Generic portrait
Emi Nishiyama
07 Mar 2020

Short and concise yet woth ood amount of practical information.

Generic portrait
Ann-Maree Stutz
21 Feb 2020

This was an informative lecture with practical information given

Generic portrait
Ann-Maree Stutz
21 Feb 2020

This was a very informative lecture with lots of practical knowledge passed on.

Generic portrait
Moira Munro
09 Jan 2020

Good lecture

Generic portrait
Julie Chacko
12 Nov 2019

refreshing and informative

Generic portrait
narelle windle
10 Nov 2019

An interesting insight into the cause, management and after effects of at risk patients for delerium and confusion in the postop setting