Maternity Care for Women with a Higher Body Weight

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Lecture Overview

Accredited practising dietitian, Electra Ulrich, takes an evidence-based look at caring for pregnant women with a high BMI. Discussion includes the key topics of associated risks for mother and baby, the importance of considering gestational weight gain and weight stigma, and women’s experiences of antenatal care. Electra also offers some practical tips on starting a conversation about food and weight with an expectant mother.


Portrait of Electra Ulrich
Electra Ulrich

Electra Ulrich is an accredited practising dietitian and member of the Dietitian’s Association of Australia. She works at Northern Health as a clinical educator and senior dietitian in a high-risk antenatal clinic, which includes women with a BMI over 40 and/or have a history of bariatric surgery. She recently won a research award at the Australasian Diabetes Congress Conference in August 2018. Her research focused on creating a capability package to upskill dietitians, to provide safe and effective care using evidence-based medical nutrition therapy within a multidisciplinary gestational diabetes clinic. Electra is also involved in teaching the Master of Dietetics at Deakin University. See Educator Profile