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Cover image for lecture: Mental Health and Stigma

Lecture Overview

Mental illness is a complex and, at times, unpredictable health issue. With a public hungry for more information, how do we look behind the numbers and examine the real effects of mental illness on the individual? This eye-opening presentation from mental health clinician, Geoff Ahern, includes a look at mental health stigma, shame, and embarrassment, and what happens when mental health work goes beyond the professional and enters our personal life.


Portrait of Geoffrey Ahern
Geoffrey Ahern

Geoffrey Ahern is a senior mental health clinician and educator who splits his time between working with people in a mental health crisis in the ED setting and working proactively to educate other health professionals and the community about how to better understand mental health problems, as well as substance use and addiction. Over the years, he has gained extensive experience in emergency and trauma, rural nursing, alcohol and other drug counselling, and psychiatric nursing across both the public and private sectors. He holds a masters of health science (mental health and addiction). Geoff is particularly fascinated by the impact that exercise, nutrition, community, meaning and purpose, and practices like yoga have on a person’s mental health, as well as living a simple life of reflection, contentment and wonderment. See Educator Profile


21 Total Rating(s)
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Rebekah Carter
12 Jan 2020

Really interesting and knowledgeable speaker

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Valerie Ann Broekman
08 Jan 2020

great topic and great presenter

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Trevor Lowe
07 Jan 2020

Update of basic information

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Lynne Shanahan
30 Dec 2019

Excellent presenter whose practical experience brings grounded reality to the subject.

Generic portrait
Lynne Shanahan
30 Dec 2019

Excellent, first rate presenter whose practical experience gives life and reality to the subject.

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Akuhata Horspool
21 Dec 2019

Very informative, well presented & a HUGE subject that needs the stigma removed & people educated further

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bronwyn ann beecroft
19 Dec 2019

Presented well.

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yvonne crispin
17 Dec 2019

Very interesting lecture.

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Tina Morse
15 Dec 2019

This resource was valuable informative and presented well.

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Yvonne Thelning
14 Dec 2019

The brain is a highly functioning tool and constantly in change The brain can be retrained at any given time and is easily manipulated to perform tasks through positive thinking and focus on subjects of practice The brain, if injured can repair slowly