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Lecture Overview

Often the focus of diabetes management can centre on preventing long-term complications. However, the prevalence of diabetes means that enrolled nurses who work in acute care settings, such as emergency departments, will also encounter people with acute metabolic complications of diabetes. Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is one such example. This session looks the clinical management of DKA and serves as a guide to practice for enrolled nurses.


Portrait of Peta Tauchmann
Peta Tauchmann

Peta Tauchmann has worked as a diabetes educator since 1998. In 2003, she established a private practice in diabetes education in Brisbane and, in 2015, she was endorsed as a nurse practitioner. Professionally, she enjoys a range of activities, working in her own community-based clinics and contributing to local and national projects designed to improve the care of people with diabetes. She enjoys working in an area of healthcare that is meaningful, constantly changing and intellectually stimulating. See Educator Profile


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Ze Liu
01 Jul 2019

DKA signs, high BGL, thirst, hungry, stomach upset, treatment: obs, give water, diabetes educator no insulin: increase of glucagon, adrenaline, cortisol, ketone, and GH Diagnosis serum glucose above 11 PH less 7.34 HCO3 less 15 elevated anion gap above 16 serum ketones above 3or capillary blood ketones above 1 dehydration if ketone above 0.6 in the test machine, then risk of DKA seek help if BGL above 15 ketones positive for 4 hours BGL rises after 2 dose of insulin change of consciousness hypo BGL not respond to treatment

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Rochelle Philip
27 Jun 2019

Informative presentation from a community CDE who has seen DKA.

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Lisa Millar
10 Jun 2019

Lots of information

Portrait of Kristine Webster-Lawson
Kristine Webster-Lawson
07 Jun 2019

The lecturer was knowledgeable and made the lesson practical and easy to understand

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Elizabeth Taylor
31 May 2019

well modulated voice, easy to listen to. Informative

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Debra Ambrosini
29 May 2019

Great lecture. The lecturer was really informative.

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Neale Morris
27 May 2019

Very informative

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Geetha Rani Ammini
23 May 2019


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Rachel Rich
23 May 2019

Fantastic speaker! Really engaging and knowledgeable.

Portrait of Patumarin Ennis
Patumarin Ennis
22 May 2019

Excellent presentation, it’s very informative.