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Lecture Overview

CPAP, BiPAP, IPAP, EPAP, AutoPEEP...?? Sometimes we all need a refresher on what the acronyms we use in healthcare actually mean, and more importantly, what this means for our patients. NIV is an area of practice that can seem daunting, but you are likely to need these skills at some point during your career. Includes some fantastic tips and tricks for using these devices and how to calm your patients.


Portrait of John Serginson
John Serginson

John Serginson has been a nurse practitioner: respiratory care at the Caboolture Hospital since 2010. He completed his nurse practitioner master's degree at the University of Queensland (UQ) with clinical training at The Prince Charles Hospital. He is an adjunct lecturer in the UQ School of Nursing and Midwifery. With 29 years’ experience as a nurse (16 in respiratory care), his research interests include domiciliary oxygen, inhaled therapy and COPD models of care. See Educator Profile


47 Total Rating(s)
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Gemma Dale
02 Jan 2020

This comprehensive lecture provided detailed knowledge of non-invasive ventilation treatment options, indications, contraindications and helpful hints. The speaker showed in-depth knowledge on the topic as well as a depth of experience.

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Catherine Papadopoulos
19 Dec 2019

Well presented easy to follow lecture

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23 Sep 2019

This guy is funny, but knowledgeable

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Kerrin Dye
10 Jul 2019

Great lecture regarding NIV! I am a current ED nurse however have been recently working within a management role. This was a good refresher for me as time away from a clinical role has led to me losing confidence working directly with patients. Very good simple explanations regarding concepts related to NIV. I especially like the strategies which can be implemented in order to assist patients in respiratory distress to slow their breathing down - SO SIMPLE!

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Bianca Vergouw
19 Jun 2019

Great resource reiterating existing knowledge and providing strategies to overcome common issues. Would have liked problem solving strategies for NIV of patient with asthma and how to facilitate effective triggering of NIV with pt's effort.

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Ruth Curtis
29 May 2019

Interesting speaker and well spoken

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Alice jackson
22 May 2019

I found this resource to be beneficial by reinforcing information already learnt. As an RN in an emergency department, there are many presentions that require NIV. It is important that I have a good understanding of everything explained in this video, such as; what is NIV, who requires it, how it works and the nurse management.

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Janet Sondergaard
15 May 2019

A great resource when looking after our patients with many forms of respiratory failure and the anxiety that many patients feel.

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Viviana Mason
27 Apr 2019

Well presented with lots of great tips for consideration in clinical practice.

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25 Apr 2019