Party Drugs: a Tipping Point for Mental Illness?

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Cover image for lecture: Party Drugs: a Tipping Point for Mental Illness?

Lecture Overview

Understand the link between recreational drug use and mental illness. This session examines the limited evidence on questions like: can party drugs trigger psychosis? Will drug-use exacerbate existing mental illnesses? Are party drugs the new social lubricant?


Portrait of Karen-Ann Clarke
Karen-Ann Clarke

Dr Karen-Ann Clarke is a registered nurse and a specialised mental health nurse with 30 years’ experience of working with individuals and families impacted by the experience of mental illness. Using a feminist narrative methodology, her PhD research explored the way that women diagnosed with depression made decisions and meanings about receiving electroconvulsive therapy. As a lecturer in nursing at USC, Karen-Ann is responsible for the coordination of mental health curricula across multiple undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Teaching in excess of 900 undergraduate students each year, she is passionate about the value that immersive mental health simulation can bring to student’s learning and clinical skills and the way that it can safely bring to life theoretical concepts related to mental healthcare. Karen-Ann currently supervises a number of honours, masters and PhD students and is part of numerous research projects, involving visualisation and simulation, mental illness, suicide prevention and the inclusion of people with lived experience of mental illness into the teaching and learning space. See Educator Profile

CPD38m of CPD
First Published19 March 2019
Updated19 March 2019
01 November 2021
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