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Cover image for lecture: Pathology Interpretations Made Easy

Lecture Overview

Blood cultures are an essential part of diagnosis in healthcare, and understanding how to improve your technique when collecting samples is vital to ensuring accurate results are returned from the pathology laboratory. Joanne Reading presents practical, easy-to-implement tips in this informative lecture that will immediately help you in your practice.


Portrait of Joanne Reading
Joanne Reading

Joanne Reading is a clinical educator within the 42-bed ICU at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, which also services critically ill patients from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Royal Women’s Hospital. Joanne holds a critical care graduate certificate and a master of health science with a focus on education. She is also the author of her own nursing education website called 'Blogging for your Noggin'. With a special interest in all things cardiac and respiratory. Joanne is passionate about ensuring that education not only fosters critical thinking but is entertaining in the process! See Educator Profile


87 Total Rating(s)
Generic portrait
Deanna Shield
06 Apr 2020

Excellent. Will watch again and again.

Generic portrait
Asa Sullivan
01 Apr 2020

Comprehensive information for a beginner

Generic portrait
Dominic Peterson
31 Mar 2020

Great lecture!

Generic portrait
Tiffany Lubke
30 Mar 2020

Excellent lecture, will enhance my clinical assessment in pathology interpretation

Generic portrait
Gregory Chapman
30 Mar 2020

This provided me with new information on Blood cultures and their collection which I was not familiar with

Generic portrait
Katie Ralton
30 Mar 2020

Excellent. Great presenter and I liked the examples used.

Generic portrait
Sarah Ball
30 Mar 2020

Great resource, she breaks it down in a way that's easy to understand.

Generic portrait
Phoebe Doherty
29 Mar 2020

Excellent presenter

Generic portrait
Catherine Papadopoulos
27 Mar 2020

Informative and easy to follow information

Generic portrait
Jade Davies
27 Mar 2020

Good information