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Lecture Overview

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) doesn't just present as irregular menstrual cycles, polycystic ovaries and an increase in male characteristics; there are 3 different phenotypes of this condition. This straightforward and informative talk discusses the revised criteria for diagnosing PCOS and how cysts are not actually developed as part of this condition.


Portrait of Ben Kroon
Ben Kroon

Ben is a Brisbane based obstetrician and gynaecologist with a subspecialty in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. He is clinical director of The Fertility Centre and co-director of Eve Health, a large obstetric and gynaecological group practice. See Educator Profile


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Dominique Ezzy
17 Oct 2019


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Sarah Shorter
30 May 2019

A good shirt over view of pcos

Portrait of Susan Johnson
Susan Johnson
29 May 2019

This presentation, even though I'm aware it is not shown in it's entirety, was way too brief and is demonstrative of how people with PCOS are regarded by the medical profession. The information given is extremely outdated even though it's only from 2016. To paraphrase just a few points... "Just lose weight", "The thin woman with PCOS who doesn't experience a period is fine", "The pill is the best treatment and regulates periods". I was hoping to learn some new information, but unfortunately it contains no real information at all and assumes that the only reason to treat PCOS is to conceive.

Portrait of Justine Pollitt
Justine Pollitt
21 May 2019

Really informative & interesting lecture. I would have loved the opportunity to ask questions.

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Nicole Mackin
15 May 2019

Very informative, well presented, increased my knowledge on this area.

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Yma Hawkins
15 May 2019

Clear, concise and relevant presentation.

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Lisa Ajala
09 May 2019

Great presentation - increased my understanding of PCOS.

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Megan Battista
05 May 2019

Really engaging presenter.

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Olga Wilson
04 May 2019

Fantastic resource. Would have loved to have watched the rest of the presentation

Portrait of Caroline Robins
Caroline Robins
03 May 2019

Interesting information and well presented.

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Total Rating(s)  28
Published30 March 2017
Expires 17 October 2019
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