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Lecture Overview

Could you confidently and rapidly recognise anaphylaxis? Anaphylactic reactions affect the entire body and have potentially life-threatening consequences. Due to its often unpredictable and rapid onset, a timely approach to responding is vital. Watch this session for a valuable refresher.


Portrait of Leanne Boase
Leanne Boase

Leanne Boase is a nurse practitioner with a background in critical care and paediatrics. She currently practices across three GP clinics in Melbourne. She has also built, owned and operated her own GP practice and is now a director of the Prime Medical Property Group, developing and building properties in the health sector. Leanne also does business planning and is the author of 'Medical Business Management', aimed at assisting health professionals to start their own businesses. Leanne is the current president and a fellow of the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners. She works as a casual academic. Her qualifications include a master of nursing (nurse practitioner) and a master of health science (education). See Educator Profile


113 Total Rating(s)
Portrait of Kristina Adams
Kristina Adams
24 Jun 2019

Excellent presentation. Key facts well introduced and knowledge base of the presenter was obvious.

Generic portrait
Bianca Vergouw
19 Jun 2019

Excellent presentation - have never had to use an EpiPen as such so really good to know what that would be like - will also help for education of pt/family. Good point to remember that the allergen may still be present within the pt and so can continue to cause issues until it is 'expelled' or metabolised fully.

Generic portrait
Margaret Smith
30 May 2019

Succinct, very informative, interesting and delivered by an easy to listen to presenter.

Generic portrait
Louise D'Cruze
30 May 2019

Excellent presentation, engaging and easy to follow format. Interesting information.

Portrait of Alison Barham
Alison Barham
22 May 2019

Really well presented. Easily understood. Very practical.

Generic portrait
Alice jackson
22 May 2019

This resource is beneficial as it outlines the importance of educating our patients on their anaphylaxis action plans and efficient use of their epi pens. It also helps in reviewing the common triggers and the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, as well as the management

Generic portrait
Bryney Mack
20 May 2019

Informative resource

Generic portrait
Wendy Ford
20 May 2019

Very easy to watch and understand and great revision of use of epipens.

Generic portrait
Sandie Murphy
20 May 2019

Great resource. Well delivered.

Generic portrait
Robyn M Bagster
14 May 2019