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Lecture Overview

This concise but informative presentation will remind you just where to place the stethoscope on the chest when conducting a respiratory assessment. Why should we listen above the clavicle? What does a tracheal breath sound versus a peripheral breath sound, sound like? Learn all this and more in this fascinating refresher.


Portrait of John Serginson
John Serginson

John Serginson has been a nurse practitioner: respiratory care at the Caboolture Hospital since 2010. He completed his nurse practitioner master's degree at the University of Queensland (UQ) with clinical training at The Prince Charles Hospital. He is an adjunct lecturer in the UQ School of Nursing and Midwifery. With 29 years’ experience as a nurse (16 in respiratory care), his research interests include domiciliary oxygen, inhaled therapy and COPD models of care. See Educator Profile


139 Total Rating(s)
Portrait of stanley catts
stanley catts
19 Feb 2020

All important. It is paramount that oxygen is measured,the cardio system is checked and reviewed in regards to measures to facilitate it,s good order

Generic portrait
William Wann
18 Feb 2020

This lecture was giving information on best assessment to identify airway issues using a stethoscope. Learnt about the sounds of normal breath over the lungs and central sternum and what abnormal sounds could be like such as from a wheeze or crackle.

Generic portrait
Kelly Brown
17 Feb 2020

Was very informative

Generic portrait
Jerri-lee Magan
16 Feb 2020

This presentation was well presented. I liked the way the presenter gave examples of the breath sounds and the areas of the lungs that the sounds can be heard and identified.

Generic portrait
Maxine Meys
16 Feb 2020

i found the lecture informative but i do not find it relevant in my role as an AIN

Generic portrait
Leanne Frank
15 Feb 2020

Excellent. Concise and very helpful

Generic portrait
Donna Marguerite Murnane
14 Feb 2020

well presented and informative lecture

Portrait of Jayne Cvetanoski
Jayne Cvetanoski
14 Feb 2020

Well presented and informative lecture

Generic portrait
Maria Holton
14 Feb 2020

Informative and easy to listen to . Easy explanations of where on the chest to listen to the different breath sounds . Some good pointers on fo’s snd dont’s

Generic portrait
Leonie Macpherson
14 Feb 2020

good refresher and practical guide