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Cover image for lecture: The Trauma of Sepsis

Lecture Overview

Sepsis is a subject often explored in education, however, are you aware of the impact that this critical condition can have on an older person? Using a case study, apply your knowledge and experience to understand what increases older adult's risk factors for sepsis, and what we as health professionals can do to prevent it occurring in the first place.


Portrait of Sue de Muelenaere
Sue de Muelenaere

Sue de Muelenaere is a registered nurse with more than 20 years’ experience as a nurse educator. Sue completed a five-year bachelor of nursing degree in South Africa, which included training in psychiatric and community nursing and midwifery. Since then, Sue has worked extensively in the intensive care environment, during which she has presented various courses, including an honour’s degree, a diploma in intensive care, and various short cardiac and ECG courses. Sue also holds an honour’s degree in advanced nursing science (intensive care nursing) and diplomas in nursing education and nursing administration. She was the education manager in a specialised heart hospital where she was responsible for the education of all hospital staff, including non-nursing staff members. Sue is passionate about teaching. She maintains a special interest in all aspects of nursing the critically-ill patient. See Educator Profile


102 Total Rating(s)
Generic portrait
30 May 2019

Very useful reminder of the importance of observation and regular systemic assessment.

Generic portrait
Helen Pearce
26 May 2019

It was an excellent resource ..clearly spoken & highly informative.

Portrait of Loraine Pennycuick
Loraine Pennycuick
26 May 2019

I found this resource to be very helpful in reminding me of the importance of observing any changes in the neurological state of my patients, even a slight increase in confusion. I also noted the importance of doing a full neurological assessment on my patient when I note a change in their mental or functional state

Portrait of Loraine Pennycuick
Loraine Pennycuick
26 May 2019

I found this resource to be very useful, as it emphasised the importance of noting and acting upon any neurological changes in the patient, including increasing sleepiness. It was good to be reminded that the elderly don't usually present with a temperature when first becoming septic

Generic portrait
Samantha Tickle
12 May 2019

After watching this lecture, I will ensure I pay close attention to observations that deviate from the patient's baseline observations and if the patient is different to what they were previously like (e.g. upon admission), delusional, febrile, sudden weight loss, falling alot.

Generic portrait
Kirsty Bowen
12 May 2019

Very informative. Well presented and easy to understand.

Generic portrait
Jenny Ellis
08 May 2019

Fantastic resource.Very relevant to my area of practice aged care.Very useful to cover symptoms and signs that may be age related eg cold sepsis and lack of fever in some cases of sepsis in older patients

Portrait of Barbara Maguire
Barbara Maguire
05 May 2019

Excellent! So much valuable information in this seminar.

Generic portrait
Genette Hobson-Campbell
02 May 2019

This resource was very informative in way of understanding the key factors of sepsis. The assessment tools used to assist in assessment of possible sepsis is a tool that I had previously not been made aware of and now that this tool has been discussed and sampled in this lecture, I am sure to use it in my role in aged care. Earlier detection leads to better outcomes.

Generic portrait
Lenore Greedy
02 May 2019

Extremely informative. Will definitely use knowledge gained.

CPD23m of CPD
Total Rating(s)  102
First Published28 February 2018
Updated28 February 2018
Expires 07 December 2020
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