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Cover image for lecture: Serotonin, Nutrition, and Breastfeeding

Lecture Overview

The role the hormone serotonin plays in the body has been the subject of much recent literature. Not only does it play a significant role in mood disorders, it also affects the onset of lactogenesis II and involution. Aimed primarily at midwives, this session will bring you up to speed on the latest literature and why we need to be cognisant of the role of serotonin from the outset.


Portrait of Heather Harris
Heather Harris

Heather Harris first qualified as a midwife in 1970 and has worked in all areas of midwifery practice over the intervening years. She has served on a number of professional committees over the years, including ACMI (Vic) and ALCA (now LCANZ). She was involved in the successful BFHI accreditation for Mitcham Private Hospital, the RWH and Box Hill hospital. She is a breastfeeding specialist who first qualified as an IBCLC in 1991. She has also been involved in the education of health professionals, presenting in all states of Australia, as well as in the US and Hong Kong. Since 2001, Heather has served as a midwife for Doctors Without Borders in the Ivory Coast, South Sudan, Somalia, Sri Lanka and Nepal. She currently has her own private practice in lactation consultancy. See Educator Profile


30 Total Rating(s)
Portrait of Sandra Brimelow
Sandra Brimelow
14 Jul 2019

Great update on breastfeeding issues.

Generic portrait
Nicole jerome
04 Jun 2019

very informative, and information used was up-to-date

Generic portrait
Haylee Quinn
27 May 2019

So much fabulous information. I have gained so much more understanding of the affect of serotonin and high BMI on breastfeeding. Highly recommend for all midwives!

Generic portrait
Barbara Clare Affleck
24 May 2019

Fabulous, well worth worthing

Generic portrait
Olivia De Ioris
21 May 2019

Educational CPD relating to modern breastfeeding and women

Generic portrait
Jessica Johanson
20 May 2019

very important information

Generic portrait
Erin Hawken
12 May 2019


Generic portrait
Catherine Georgeson
05 May 2019

Excellent presentation on a complicated subject. it was thought provoking and informative.

Generic portrait
Jennifer OHara
04 May 2019

Excellent presentation. Easy to understand.

Portrait of Kristina Adams
Kristina Adams
29 Apr 2019

Good to see the science behind why we do what we do.