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Cover image for lecture: The Surgical Journey: Where Things Go Wrong

Lecture Overview

The surgical journey is one that happens in various stages and with several health professionals involved. Erin Wakefield provides an insightful snapshot of both theatre patients and nurses' experiences. This lecture follows a patient from the anaesthetic holding bay to behind the operation room doors and finally through to the post anaesthetic care unit, to find out where things most commonly go wrong.


Portrait of Erin Wakefield
Erin Wakefield Visit

Erin Wakefield has recently completed a Master of Nursing via Research. She holds Post Graduate qualifications in Clinical Simulation and Perioperative Nursing. Erin has been a perioperative nurse for over 20 years, and is currently enjoying teaching in the tertiary sector. She has worked in the private, public, remote and metro perioperative settings, and counts as a career highlight working in northern Kenya for Red Cross as a theatre manager. Erin has a true passion for empowering nurses through education. She is a strong advocate for graduate nurses in the perioperative setting, in particular through development of an invested preceptorship team, and creation of a safe learning environment. Her other professional interests include multi-disciplinary simulation, research, and creating a positive learning culture through interactive, hands on and engaging educational initiatives.


22 Total Rating(s)
Generic portrait
18 Oct 2019

Very interesting insights

Generic portrait
Michelle Edwards
18 Oct 2019

Found this lecture engaging and informative.

Generic portrait
Samantha Sawyer
10 Oct 2019

Good resource, incorporating the case study made the surgical journey easier and more enjoyable to understand.

Generic portrait
Lynda O'Maley
06 Aug 2019

I found this information interesting to enable me to understand and better undertake post operative care.

Generic portrait
Dianne Paddock
30 Jul 2019

well presented.clear and concise.

Generic portrait
Natasha Halliday
29 Jul 2019

Pre surgical requirements outlined the different roles of the theatre nurse advocacy of the patient patient safety surgical conscious

Generic portrait
Ceenia JAcob
15 Jul 2019

good topic

Generic portrait
louise ann mackie
14 Jul 2019

very good resource.

Generic portrait
Anna Carter
04 Jul 2019

Really good perioperative and surgical nursing overview.

Generic portrait
Kate Danielle Thomas
02 Jul 2019

Really great lecturer who speaks with passion for her role as a perioperative nurse and patient advocate. Could happily watch her lectures for hours on end.