A Comprehensive Understanding of Asthma

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Lecture Overview

In order to manage asthma and provide comprehensive and relevant education for patients and families, it is essential to understand the underlying pathophysiology. In this presentation, Jayde Cesarec reviews the characteristics of asthma, the physiological impacts it has on an individual and what treatment is available. She also delves into asthma's long-term effects on quality of life.


Portrait of Jayde Cesarec
Jayde Cesarec

Jayde Cesarec is the Health Projects and Partnerships officer at Asthma Australia and has worked at the organisation since 2015 across a wide variety of projects. Her most notable work is on the Epidemic Thunderstorm Asthma Community Education sessions delivered over 2017 and 2018 providing support and education to Victorians following a major health emergency in Melbourne 2016. Jayde is in her final year of a Master of Public Health and Business, building on her Post Graduate Diploma Health Promotion and Bachelor of Health Science, Nutritional Medicine. Jayde enjoys connecting with the community through education and increasing understanding of chronic disease and self-management practices for improved health See Educator Profile

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First Published22 October 2019
Updated22 October 2019
27 December 2020
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