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Lecture Overview

How is it that the essential elements for sustaining life - food and water - can also poison us? This session with nutritionist Katie King explores questions like: what makes certain nutrients like gluten toxic to some people? Are some processed foods actually poisoning our gut? Good and bad bacteria - what’s the difference to gut health? And, how can we assist and provide education to promote and prevent food toxicity?


Portrait of Katie King
Katie King

Katie King is a practising nutritionist with a bachelor of health science majoring in nutritional medicine. Katie devises personalised diets for her clients, depending on their present condition. She has worked with a wide variety of presenting conditions, including autoimmune and generalised IBS, always aiming to optimize the gut microbiome to provide solutions for these clients. See Educator Profile


36 Total Rating(s)
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Danielle Eade
19 Jan 2020

Interesting and easy to follow

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Wesley Clifton
06 Jan 2020


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Andrea Wong
12 Dec 2019

Great information on nutrition and to educate others.

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Michele Selby
22 Oct 2019

A very interesting and current topic.

Portrait of Lauren Bannan
Lauren Bannan
11 Oct 2019

Interesting and easy to follow

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Anne Raukawa
10 Aug 2019

I found the constant hand gesturing by the presenter to be very distracting. She did not appear to be confident in delivering her presentation . I did however learn some new information about the gut.

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Anne Raukawa
10 Aug 2019

I found the constant hand gesturing by the presenter to be very distracting .She did not appear confident with the information that she was delivering. However, l did learn some new information that l was unaware of before.

Portrait of Alicia White
Alicia White
03 Aug 2019

REALLY bad. The speaker was not very confident in her explanations and often fumbled over her words. No information was actually passed on and it was a bit all over the place. Do not recommend

Portrait of Robyn Forrester
Robyn Forrester
23 Jul 2019

From the title, I thought it would be about food poisoning and food handling. The information was interesting. Presentation was a bit long-winded at times but new information was learned nontheless.

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Dianne Peake
17 Jul 2019

Great resource giving insight into the complexities of food intolerances and sensitivities with particular focus on the impact of the modern western diet and the human biome