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(2017) Episode 18: Betty Jeffrey: ‘The Girls on the Beach’

Welcome to this special edition of the Ausmed Handover podcast. In this episode you are going to hear a rare piece of history taken from the personal account of Australian war nurse, Betty Jeffrey. Held as a prisoner of war in World War Two on Banka Island alongside the famous Vivian Bullwinkel, the two were instrumental in the formation of the Nurses Memorial Centre, dedicated to honouring nurses past, present and future. 2017 marks the 75th anniversary of the infamous Banka Island Massacre. On the 16th of February 1942, Japanese forces executed 21 Australian army nurses, and some 60 surrendered Australian and British servicemen. The following account, entitled ‘The Girls on the Beach’, was written by Betty Jeffrey in 1969 and retells the events of the massacre as relayed to her first-hand by Vivian Bullwinkel, the only person to survive. ‘The Girls on the Beach’ will be narrated for The Handover by Betty’s grandniece, Emily Malone.

Recorded: 23 Apr 2017

Duration: 10 mintues

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(2017) Episode 18: Betty Jeffrey: ‘The Girls on the Beach’